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Jarateed or "Jarate" is a synonym for "Pissed off" or "Piss".

It was derived from Valve's game "Team Fortress 2" in which the character, Sniper, uses a mason jar full of urine. The in-game name for it is "Jarate" and upon throwing said jar the character will yell "Jaaarate!"

Jarateed is also a word replacement for "pissed" on the Steam User Forums. The word filter will replace "Pissed" with "Jarateed". Clever reference on Valve's part.

See: Hammer Legion Member, Pissed off
Guy 1: "That game really pisses me off!

Guy 2: "You mean Jarateed?"

Guy3: "Yeah, either way.
by BiGoDeViN September 29, 2012

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