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Bob: "Dude!? Did you hear about Japan???"
Bill: "Yeah! They got japwned by a tsunami!!!"
by Sick Son-of-a-Bitch March 18, 2011
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To get all-out pwned on the scale of the 2011 Japanese earthquake, the resulting tidal wave, and the subsequent nuclear meltdown.
On March 11, 2011, Japan got JaPWNED!

Hiroshima + Nagasaki + 2011 Earthquake = TOTAL JaPWNAGE!!!!
by Tip Tank April 01, 2011
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Japan + Pwned

To get pwned by a japanese person
"You bought a 32GB memory stick from a Jap on eBay and there wasnt anything inside? Man, you got JAPWNED!"
by GoSco February 09, 2008
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