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People of other ethnic backgrounds who like to copy everything Japanese or strangely try to get the look of a japanese cartoon (Style, Way of talking, Hair, etc, etc)
Mike: hey there jemma!

Jemma: *stupid trying too hard anime voice* konnichiwa kawaii mike-san... btw its not jemma anymore its ikuko! >_<

Mike: Um.. Ok since when did you turn japanese?

Jemma: what do you mean??? i'm totally not trying to be
japanese! just because i speak and dress like them and lie about having some sort of asian background to make it seem normal does not mean i'm beggin it... ok? baka!

Mike:... um well ok i'm going now.

Jemma: Hai! Ja ne mike san, i have to get home any way. the new episode of narutos coming out he's so kawaii!! eek sugoi ne! *walks away singing naruto theme tune*!? i swear she's black... ¬_¬.

Andrew: Haha hey dude! ya just see that!?Japwannabe alert!

Mike: Dude. wtf is up with the world today?
by Gunjabaha September 21, 2010
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