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A word usually said by the victim of theft, indicating something got stolen.
Sonovabitch japed my jacket at the bars. This blows. I'll just jape the guy next to me's jacket cuz it's cold out.
by thesamj January 21, 2007
3 21
When a person or situation is out of hand, volatile, or reaches it's maximum potential, it is said to be japes.
"shit was japes last night, man"
by heinhelm February 08, 2011
78 7
1.A word to describe a pratical joke OR descirbe something that was good fun
1.'I think we should pull a jape'
2.'It was a JAPE'
by japery October 29, 2005
66 51
A Black Person who is weird OR resembles Donkey Kong
That Nigga Jamal Is A Huge Jape.
by Shino The Jape Wrangler March 06, 2008
46 37
to make a move on a someone who is very sleepy or was asleep, before you woke him/her up to make a sexual advance. Jape is generally successful because when sleepy, the japee is less inhibited and more likely to indulge in instinctive sexual desires.

esp. when the japer is at first with the japee in a non predatory (platonic) way. The more adorable and harmless the japer is, the greater the degree of jape.
we were watching a movie and she started falling asleep but i really wanted to hook up. so i japed her. she really liked me though so it's ok.
by japeallday October 23, 2009
11 15
A form of humour used at someone elses expense, like joke

usually followed by
- "my friend"
- "lets propose a toast"
"ya japein meh? my friend" said joe
by joe japekinston July 15, 2004
28 32
When a peron has sex with their father, and or, grandfather. This person is generally a male. The Female version is reffered to as a Queege.
Joey: I think I'm in love with my father.
Zoe: Oh my god! You're a Jape!
by Cinnamon of Hoopla & Cinnamon April 28, 2011
2 10
When a teacher masturbates onto his/her pupils work.
thats discusting my works been japed on
by ... .. ... ............. December 03, 2008
10 21