A person who has a high level of interest in Japanese culture, language, art, etc. This interest may have been sparked by the current anime fad, or it may have been sparked by something else entirely.

A person who is a Japanophile is not necessarily unwashed, overweight, only interested in things from Japan, etc. This describes someone who is mentally ill, not someone with an interest or hobby. Many people who are very interested in Japan are also interested in many other things. Being a Japanophile is no different than being very interested in any other thing, to include American culture, a specific television show, or a particular science such as biology.
I am very interested in Japan and other Asian cultures, and I have been since a child. Anime was a logical step following my interest. Therefore I could easily be considered a Japanophile. I am also very interested in biology, genetics, American comics, the French language, Celtic mythology, world history, martial arts (to include non-Asian forms such as fencing), ballet, and baking.
by argentnox April 14, 2008
Someone completely obsessed with Japanese culture.
May also refer to someone who is whoring out the culture, aka, Gwen Stefani.
Can also verge on extremely annoying.
Girl 1: That person is sooooo being a Gwen Stefani

Man 1: I despise Japanophiles. I hope they all die. Along with the many other groups of people I want to die.
by Felix May 06, 2005
A person who essentially rapes the culture of Japan. These people are anime freaks, and know absolutely NOTHING of the Japanese culture except from what they have seen in anime. They may think it quite cool to add '-san' or '-chan' to the end of people's names, use their 4-word Japanese vocabulary in everyday situations and wear black all the time. These people generally only make friends with other Japanophiles and are seen mostly as losers.

These people watch a bunch of cheap, crappy animes that have gotten really popular because of the Japanophile culture. These animes include Inu-Yasha, Full-Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, and Naruto.
"Konichiwa. ^-^ Inu-yasha is on! It's my favorite because Kagome is SO kawaii." (something a japanophile would say)
by Saaski_100 October 23, 2006
An enthusiast of Japanese exports, including the language, anime, manga, pop-culture, music, electronics, people, food, religion or culture.
"Everyone makes fun of me for being a Japanophile, because I like alot of things from Japan. However, I like lots of things from Europe, China, Canada and of course America as well, so I don't see why everyone has to be so racist about it..."
by Lance October 20, 2003
Someone (almost exclusively male) who through over exposure to anime, awkward japanese porn, or soul destroying hentai, believes japanese women to be eternally cute huge breasted and eternally 14 year old looking creatures of perfection.
did you see todd trying to hit on that japanese exchange student with lines he learned from neon genesis? yeah, hes such a japanophile
by Johan Svenson May 19, 2005
One who lives off of pocky and ramen, refers to Japanese cartoons as anime, and spends more time per week trying to write a full sentence in Kanji then they do bathing.
Go to an anime convention, you'll see at least twenty of them with their hair dyed white answering to 'Inu-Yasha' while carrying large 'swords' made of cardboard and aluminum foil.
by Geek-o-man January 23, 2005
A non-japanese who are a japanese wanna-be and are sickly obsessed with japan and japanese youth culture. Often poorly imitates japanese people & culture, they are very insulting to japan.
Magibon is such a Japanophile, acting all cute and pretending to be japanese.

go look up "magibon" on wikipedia.
by JAGINNYC June 14, 2010
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