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a person that does the same thing when they come here as one here would do if they were to go there: take pictures, speak in their native tongue (not because they are disrespectful or unintelligent, but because they are merely visiting and observing a foreign land in order to gain appreciation for it), and get made fun of by the uneducated.
I feel no need for posting a hateful example, but there is a requirement to put something here.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
An Asian national that is visiting the United States. They typically carry cameras and take pictures of many things. They also have a tendency to jabber noisily in Asian languages. People find them a bit on the obnoxious side and tend to make jokes about them. Typically found on the West Coast of North America.
The Japanes Tourist took a picture of the seagull.
by JoesGeo November 05, 2003
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