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when with a female partner, the man must be very sly if he wants to correctly perform the japanese star. before having sex, put a bottle of Sriracha hot chili sauce next to the bed. then, while getting intimate with your girl, secretly cover your hand in the sauce. make sure she doesn't see this. then, in one swift motion, shove your fist into the girls vagina and spread your fingers out. this will create a spicy, burning, probably painful sensation for the girl.
Jamie: " Dude, how was your night with Kayla?"
Nick: " eh, i japanese star'd her"
Jamie: " oh god. how'd it end?"
Nick: " shes dead"
by Bhachu August 18, 2011
n. this is a skill for men only. it is a painful maneuver yet easy to learn and a good way to "spice" ones love life up-literally. during an intimate time with ones partner, have a bottle of hot sauce next to you ready to use but make sure the partner does not see it. in the middle, make up an excuse to stop momentarily. without your partner seeing, smother your hand in the hot sauce. then in one swift motion, ram your fist up the vagina and spread your fingers out. this will duplicate a sharp, stinging sensation much like that of getting hit with a Japanese throwing star.
Jamie: Dude, how was your night with Monica?

Nick: Well, I took your advice and tried the Japanese Star.

Jamie: Oh nice dude. How'd it go?

Nick: I used dynamite spicy sushi sauce. There was blood everywhere...
by Meekah Sloat May 26, 2011
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