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words to describe sounds, often simple phonetic combinations of letters.

in japan, it's much more a serious thing, where hundreds of thousands of words are created for some of the most seemingly useless sounds ever, but then, it becomes fun, and even practical at points.

even actions recieve sounds, and states of being, suchas being complete exhausted (hetoheto), or expressing physically surprise (hatto), even when said actions make no sound.
examples of Japanese Onomatopoeias:

"Fufufu"- often used to indicate the chuckling of a sinister person

"Gao"- used as a growl, many times the sound a dinosaur will make.

"don"- used to express the sound of an explosion

"ban"- the sound of something bursting

"ki"- a screeching sound

"u"- a groaning sound

"do"- often used to portray the sound of a heavy object moving

"dan"- another word to describe an explosive sound, however this word can also be used as the sound of a gunshot.

"zeze"- a wheezing sound

"jiji"- a sizzling sound

"bechabecha"- uncontrolled noisy talking

"hinyari"- to feel cold, however in a way that is not unpleasent.

"beron"- to stick one's tongue out

"kaka"- the sound of a bird's cry.

"odoodo"- to be uneasy, either from worry or from fear.

"nono"- the sound indicating that someone is stretched out comfortably and is taking a rest.

"gohongohon"- the resounding repetitive sound of a wet cough with great reverberation.

just some of the thousands out there.
by Leo Wiggins July 23, 2006
The coolest type of onomatopoeias ever. They rarely ever sound accurate, which is cool.

See also: Japanese, Onomatopoeia
"Wan wan" -Dog barking
"Pocha Pocha" -Splashing
by Zackarotto May 04, 2004
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