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(n) a person residing in Canada who is of Japanese descent, either in full or in part.
My family came from Japan, but now we're Japanadian.
by Kodiak_the_Destroyer July 28, 2006
Canadian citizens of Japanese decent.
Did you see that Japanadian girl who moved to California to go to law school?
by Alemariko September 16, 2007
An individual that is brilliant but useless. Derived from Japanese/Canadian.
Stephen Hawking is a Japanadian.
by b-killa September 18, 2007
a Canadian person of Japanese origin, they usually own convenice store. sometimes called chicken balls, chinx, rice rockets (only if they are fast) or Pat Dickson's family.
that Pat Dickson is probably the nicest and most legal Japanadian i no, most of them just say things like "hurry up an buy!"
by McNally May 26, 2003
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