A country where a lot of the best video games, tv shows, and technology come from. Many things from Japan either never got translated or were deemed "inappropriate"(cough, bullsh*t, cough). Take yugioh for instance, there was a season 0 considered too violent for children.( WHY NOT JUST AIR IT ON AT NIGHT?.) Graphic novels, or manga and anime also had to be edited before getting here.
1: Hey dude, you know a lot of anime and manga that came from Japan had to be edited before gettin' here?
2: Japan makes some of the best things and we get the edited crap? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, bullsh*t.
by KChrisSsSs August 08, 2007
A wonderful place that is stereotyped by american retards who love anime, and Gwen Stefani who thinks that japanese girls are all obsessed with fashion. These jack-asses think that the japanese will automatically love them for this, when in reality, they think that these 'animorons' are all idiots who think that they're japanese.
Oh, I love japan! I'm going to go there and everyone will love me because I like anime and that's all they care about!!! Despite the fact that I'm whiter than Michael Jackson, everyone is going to think I'm asian, and I'm going to eat sushi all day and play cool video games that only japanese citizens can play, because I think I'm japanese!
by hanakochan July 01, 2006
THE best country ever. A country where one day, the secret robot will come after the amerikans for a-bombing them.

IT is also the country of:
-advance technology
-awsome funny looking toilet
-a clean place
-top leading in auto
-anything you dream of in the vending machine

OTHER countries are just jailous of the JAPANESE country surpriorness for example, the chinese/korean are making up stuff that JAPAN never apologize them for war crime. they are just jailous. if you anti-JAPANESE are reading this, quite reading it. with the advance technology, making robots and electronic, it will come after the us. and chinese and korean.
by asia-n_n-igga February 12, 2010
A country that's very much overrated or misunderstood.

Japanese school system isn't 'superior' to American system--in fact, it's more harmful than benefitial to the nation. With such an emphasis on reaching the next level of education, the only thing that the school focusses on is to get into the good high school or university. The amount of pointless studies is so ridiculous that frankly, it's ruining the country.

Do you really think that Jyuku is a good idea? Well... let's look at the youth suicidal rates again.

The government is so tangled with yakuza that it's not even funny.

Let's not go into the music as it happens to be the second cousin of shit. Sorry, five robotic men standing in a line with a mic in their hand and odd hand motions with monotonous songs isn't quite music. And I'm talking about SMAP.

Perfecting the art of toilets might be funny, but it also quite ironically shows how warped the country is. Did you know that the Tokyo area has a Jesus-themed cafe? With bloody crusifixes? How does that NOT show how corrupt and ruined the country is?

The language also has three systems of reverence. Obviously, this has done nothing to strengthen the Japanese people's backbone. Blind, mindless worship, that's what it is.

Quite simply, Japan is a country that's been in trouble ever since Matthew Perry came knocking so politely on their door so to speak. With cannons.

Oh, and he was a yank. Go figure. Bloody xenophiles gotta learn to stay in their own fucking turf--ruin your own country, and keep out of the rest of the world!
Matthew Perry was an American who opened up Japan. Look at where it's now. God bless America.
by chocolate99 March 25, 2007
The country that occupied Korea for 35 years. They tried to take over the country and make it into Japan. They mistreated the Koreans, stole the Korean culture including foods, traditions, customs, and many other. Japan copied many things off of Korea and China and they're not their own. Sushi was originally a Korean food if you go way back. It's really sad that Japan is known as the "sushi country" when Koreans are the ones who actually created sushi. Japan is a fucked up country, not trying to be rude, but they did so many horrible things in the world. Now, they're trying to take Dokdo, a Korean island, because it has good resources. Losers. I'm not saying Japanese people are bad, but the government? or what do you call it? The people planning these horrible things. All Asian countries around them hate Japan. Their electronics suck. The designs being so ugly. Japanese girls are scary with all the plastic surgery and they're crazy about facial stuff and making their eyes big with these stuff. They go crazy over "cute stuff" like Hello Kitty which isn't cute at all. They make my head hurt.
Oh no! Japan is eating hamburgers! :O
by jennyanderson August 15, 2009
Ja·pan (je-pan' (noun)) 1. Basically a land of nightmares and tainted souls. 2. Like Australia mixed with Dante's Hell.
"Let's go to Japan this summer!"

"Fuck that! That place is crazy!"
by theboiwonder June 18, 2009
Okay, to the two who wrote this: the truth is the Chinese and Japanese people in general get along just fine. They are both emerging world-superpowers and their economic ties are bringing them closer together. Also, with the booming economy, more people are traveling. I’ve never heard of any Japanese who went to China or any Chinese who went to Japan say anything negative about the people’s attitude towards them there. But, if you must talk about their political ties in the past and present, please don’t be so ignorant as to write the things below:

"'ok if japan has apologized numerous times, why cant they just issue an official apology then? yes, certain ppl have "apologized" for japans actions, but has the government?? has the japanese government even admitted to doing the things they did in WWII?'

The apologies I am talking about are from the Japanese government. There is on Wikipedia I believe an entire list of these apologies, it's rather long my friend. There is also been the offers of financial compensation that were TURNED DOWN BY THE CCP. Japan has issued numerous official government apologies.’”

The problem here is that Japan's action does not match her words. Yes they apologized to the China and Korea for brutal mass murders and rape, but then they turned around to worship their war-crime generals. Key word here is WORSHIP. It is hard for people not to feel that the official apologies are just superficial words. I’ll take some excerpts from a report by BBC.News.
“Yasukuni Shrine - the name means 'peaceful country' - was founded in 1869 on the orders of Emperor Meiji. At the centre of the shrine's controversy is the fact that those venerated include 14 convicted class A war criminals, including Prime Minister General Hideki Tojo. Within the shrine, the souls of the dead are worshipped rather than just remembered. Surrounded by war banners and military regalia, the Yasukuni kami are venerated by hundreds of thousands of visitors who attend the shrine each year. Current Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has made four visits to Yasukuni since he took office in 2001.”
You said, “The shrine is not for the Criminals the shrine is for all who died in war. And yes it would be okay for a member of the German govt to visit Hitler's grave as long as it was not to honour Hitler.”
I highly doubt any German officials will make an official visit to the grave of Hitler, let alone worship it. Get your facts straight please. Just think, if Britain’s Prince Harry can stir up as much international outrage as he did by just wearing a swastika to a party…
“Not at all, I am pointing out the inconsistancy that comes from the CCP brainwashing. They will scream for the deaths of Japanese people who weren't even born when the war took place but won't even call for the punishment of a government that is still to this day brutalizing them and murdering them, forcing abortions on women etc. The CCP are deliberately ignoring Japan's govts many apologies, offers of compensation to drive up hate against the Japs to keep the Chinese from realizing who their real enemy is now. Their own kin.“

Um… okay, no one’s screaming for your deaths. I don’t think I’ll even bother to prove to you that no one’s screaming for the Japanese people’s deaths…Honestly where did you hear that from? Many news coverage have done interviews on everyday Chinese people on this matter, and all of them expressed aversion towards the Japanese government’s lack of repentance and not towards the general people of Japan. As for “brutalizing them and murdering them, forcing abortions on women etc,” I don’t know what country you live in but speak for yourself please. As far as I can tell you probably think China is a third world country where its citizens are still scraping mud for a living.
Chinese protesters are angry about new Japanese school textbooks, which they say gloss over wartime atrocities.
O and about the compensation. Japan was so poor by the end of the war that it offered to pay China with cherry trees- an offer that was turned down by Chairman Mao as a sign of improved relations. By the way, Wikipedia is good leisure reading, but it's not an official source; it's written by people like you and me, or at most by some amateur historians. Try using it for a college paper and we'll see how far it gets you. Instead, you should read the news more.

And don't say open your damn eyes, it means you sound more stupid.
BBC: Japanese Views on China
Watanabe, office worker
I speak to my work colleagues in China every day. Our Chinese partners are all smart middle class people just like us in Japan.

Whether these people are different from the demonstrators I don't know. But from a business and work perspective I've never had a problem with any of my Chinese colleagues.

BBC: Chinese Views on Japan
Cui, 42, taxi driver
Patriotism is important in China. We should all feel patriotic.

But I think we should lap up Japanese technology because it is good. We should accept its good things.

Japanese people seem nice. I admire the ones I've met - I admire their Japanese spirit. It is just their invasion of China which I do not admire.
by Angela Li April 15, 2006

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