A country in Asia
I wanna go to japan
by Chicken Soda August 05, 2008
The most fucked up place in the world, it's also one of the most fun places in the world
"Yo i was at Japan and i swear i saw a Porno vendor!"
by androidkidx April 30, 2012
To cheat, especially in football (soccer). Derived from Japan's games in the 2006 World Cup, when the Japanese team always pretended to be injured so the referee would help them.
Those Italians really japaned the Socceroos when the referee gave them a penalty kick! That guy was really selling that foul.
by vv007!!! June 28, 2006
place where the women love white men and they love fashion there are many different sub-fashions there

there are few african americans there and japanese find them to be strange and foreign and sometimes make fun of them with a sub-fashion called ganguro which means "black face" where they paint their faces brown and bleach their hair white to create a strange effect

japanese food is very good and their shows are very elaborate and fun to watch
japan is so different from the u.s.
by dhee July 14, 2009
An island nation located in Northeast Asia.
History begins with what is known as Yamato Japan, thought to be established by the colonists from Southeastern Korea, after they crossed the seas to Japanese islands around 4th century. Stayed in constant internal wars and in isolation from Korea and Japan after the early Yamato period, establishing eventually its distinct system of bakahu and samurais. There was not much interactions outside the island, except the two invasions from the Mongols and Koreans in 12th century and the Seven Years War against Korea in 15th century. Modernized and rose as a "Great Power" in the 19th century, invading China and Korea. It was completely destroyed however by WWII, but recovered as a result of the Korean War of 1950s and now stands as one of the world's major economic powers.
Japanese people can't pronounce any word in any language except Japanese.
by tKeX October 03, 2005
a country that got nuked
we nuked japan in ww2
by jap69 November 27, 2009
A country where a lot of the best video games, tv shows, and technology come from. Many things from Japan either never got translated or were deemed "inappropriate"(cough, bullsh*t, cough). Take yugioh for instance, there was a season 0 considered too violent for children.( WHY NOT JUST AIR IT ON AT NIGHT?.) Graphic novels, or manga and anime also had to be edited before getting here.
1: Hey dude, you know a lot of anime and manga that came from Japan had to be edited before gettin' here?
2: Japan makes some of the best things and we get the edited crap? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, bullsh*t.
by KChrisSsSs August 08, 2007

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