A country that's very much overrated or misunderstood.

Japanese school system isn't 'superior' to American system--in fact, it's more harmful than benefitial to the nation. With such an emphasis on reaching the next level of education, the only thing that the school focusses on is to get into the good high school or university. The amount of pointless studies is so ridiculous that frankly, it's ruining the country.

Do you really think that Jyuku is a good idea? Well... let's look at the youth suicidal rates again.

The government is so tangled with yakuza that it's not even funny.

Let's not go into the music as it happens to be the second cousin of shit. Sorry, five robotic men standing in a line with a mic in their hand and odd hand motions with monotonous songs isn't quite music. And I'm talking about SMAP.

Perfecting the art of toilets might be funny, but it also quite ironically shows how warped the country is. Did you know that the Tokyo area has a Jesus-themed cafe? With bloody crusifixes? How does that NOT show how corrupt and ruined the country is?

The language also has three systems of reverence. Obviously, this has done nothing to strengthen the Japanese people's backbone. Blind, mindless worship, that's what it is.

Quite simply, Japan is a country that's been in trouble ever since Matthew Perry came knocking so politely on their door so to speak. With cannons.

Oh, and he was a yank. Go figure. Bloody xenophiles gotta learn to stay in their own fucking turf--ruin your own country, and keep out of the rest of the world!
Matthew Perry was an American who opened up Japan. Look at where it's now. God bless America.
by chocolate99 March 25, 2007
A country that dominates the world in fuel efficient cars, television, computers, sushi and teppan tables. They fail to beat XBOX though in best video game system.

A country that America also nuked the shit out of.
Ya bro I gotta nuke today in COD, we nuked their shit like Japan.

Hahahah I know.
by lkjhgfdsajhgfd December 20, 2010
Just Another Punk Ass Nigga
Michael: Who's that mark ass nigga that moved to the block?
Danny: Thats JAPAN..
Michael: who??
Danny: Just Another Punk Ass Nigga!
Michael: Oh, lets jack that fool!
by lunasicc916 November 28, 2007
a nation so technologically advanced that...
they still eat with sticks?
as i peered into the window of the most intelligent technological experts from japan, they opted to archaically eat with sticks
by william joseph hemmington January 20, 2006
In a way, Japan is like both England and New Zealand. They are all islands off the coast of a continent, most of the countries therein not really liking them (see France for england, korea for Japan, Australia for New Zealand) because they both could charm the pants off any of their women and kick their bums in a duel. (yob vs. frenchman. Samurai vs. some kung-fu guy. maramite vs. vegemite)

All three had an Empire.

Both rock. More than rocks.
All three people are known for their reserve.
It's true. Japan, England, and New Zealand are all like...long lost brothers or something..
by E-I-E-I-O July 10, 2008
An over-rated, over-populated country, roughly the size of California, with far less habitable land. Geographically, it lies off the north-eastern coast of China, and has a few climate zones, namely the foothills and mountains, and the plains and forests. It is an archipelago, consisting primarilly of 5 main islands - Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa. Furthermore, roughly 75% of the land in Japan is unsuitable for most everything.

The culture is similar to the Chinese, for Japan consists heavily of immigrants of the various Chinese kingdoms, who ventured there prior to the Mongol invasion of modern-day China, circa 1210. Due to this, the language and religions are fundamentally similar, spare Shinto. The language is written as katakana, or kanji, both of which are very much like Chinese caligraphy. The religions practiced are, by large, Shinto and Buddhism. They have a heavy reliance on technology, like the US and EU, and are on the frontier of technology, also like the US and EU. Japanese people often take pride in their medieval past, where feudal dynasties employed mercaneries, called samurai - who often had a strict honor code - to fight eachother. There is also a fairly high population of closet pedophiles.

Art consists of music, the classical Japanese style which uses percussion and wood wind instruments, and J-Pop, which is a shitty cousin to the equally bad American and European pop music. The visual arts are oft comprised of anime and manga, which are animated cartoons, and comic books, respectively. The styles of which are generally generic, along with much of the content. These are characterized, usually, by fairly simple, talentless art, shitty dialog, poor humor, and exaggerated or inaccurate violence and anatomy.

Economically, it is third in total GDP, behind China and the United States of America, respectively. They are close allies with the US, politically, diplomatically, and economically. Their biggest export and import partner is the US, who imports agricultural products into Japan, along with raw materials, chemicals, some electronics, and manufacturing equipment. Japan then exports automobiles, electronics, and such to the US.
Japan, while a fairly good country, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
by Amerikaner October 14, 2006
A mean nation killed more than 36,000,000 Chinese people in WW2 and millions people in other Asian countries but never officially say sorry to the victims. And still vindicating the atrocity what he has done.

Many western country people do not know, though Nazi Germany killed 6,000,000 Jews in WW2, the total number is only 1/6 of victims of China in WW2. And till today Japan governmnet has not apologize for his inhuman war action, and never compensate for it to any Asian countries, and still call the brutal war in WW2 as a "help" to other Asian nations. So we say, a GERMAN on his knees is much taller than a japanese stand up straight.
japan sucks, japan really SUCKS!
by peace&love January 20, 2005
1) n. Any archipelago of islands inhabited by a dense population of monkeys who are afraid to venture out of their islands because they are too scared.
2) n. or v. Act of changing one's embarrassing histories of violence and prostitution
3) n. Any island country that has lots of people getting stabbed and has children murdered by neighbors
4) n. An island country that does not have anybody tall or good looking.
5) v. Act of having an incestous relationship with one's parents.
6) n. A country where having a public baths with both sexes in one tub are allowed
7) n. The country to the East of Korean Peninsula located on the EAST SEA that charges many people, especially the tourists, double or triple the actual value.
Ex. 1) Look! I think I see a japan on the east of Korea
Ex. 2) I am not sure if Germany is going to japan out on their history classes about the holocaust.
Ex. 3) The news speaks of japan that has yet another boy killed by a neighboring woman.
Ex. 4) Mini-Me is considered a man of handsome man of average height in Japan
Ex. 5) Yeah. Joe is japaned with his mom
Ex. 6) I want to go to Japan's public baths with all you girls.
Ex. 7) I just got ripped off in Japan.
by James Ban May 22, 2006

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