a black man who likes to think of himself as japanese
jaood: "i like anime"
jaood: "i like ninjas"
by ground March 19, 2003
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The brunt of 90% of the racist jokes in nohunters, and one of the leading campers.
my stereo is missing... where the fuck is Jaood?
by Nic March 19, 2003
a hopeless cause
a black person who tries to fit in with white people on the internet
by smurf July 16, 2003
"that guy has a lot of hats, oh and he sure rolls around in a lot of shit"
by derek August 03, 2003
My online moniker. It is the fusion of two of my previous names Jam^Jam and Flood. It has no other meaning.
My name is Jaood
I'm in a happy mood
Got any food?
I'm one rad dude
by Jaood March 20, 2003
A buddy-buddy Br.commer who feigns a deep knowledge on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to act as though he has something to be the authority on.
Jaood is such a br.comer - groundlobp
by Nic March 19, 2003

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