The name Jannic (pronounced JHAEN-ihK) comes from a Hebrew origin meaning merciful and gracious. Mostly used in Berton and French languages. The alternete spelling is Yannick or the English version: John. Jannic's are tall, ridiculously good-looking and has a smile that makes your heart melt.

Alternate names: Jannice, Janko, John, Jannis, Yannick, Janick, etc.
All the girls are jealous because I have a Jannic.
by lollipopopopopopop June 26, 2010
Top Definition
A Total BAMF (bad-ass mother fucker). Knows how to handle his liquor and is fun to take to the bars. He brings all the ladies to your booth, but stays faithful to his girlfriend. Usually VERY good-looking.
That Jannic is a bamf.
by guitar_guy June 21, 2010
Really hot french boy. Usually with brown hair and has the sexiest eyes. When he speaks french, all the girls faint.
When Jannic speaks french my legs shake.
by Ginger_girl June 21, 2010
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