Quite common Finnish name of a man. They are all unique, but they all have a passion towards something and they enjoy life!
Name of a famous Finnish classical music composer Jean "Janne" Sibelius.
by jnle May 23, 2010
Top Definition
A german name for a irresistibly mysterious girl whom you see around often, yet know nothing about. Usually a real cool girls name. It`s easy to talk to her for houres...you just forget about time.

People find her very attractive. She has got a great and special style and sense of humor. She's amazing in many ways and probably knows a load of people.

She enjoyes (night)life, looooves to travel and meet new people. Normaly she is awake at night. You could watch her dancing on a table or a counter then ;)
by einervonnebenan February 06, 2010
A person by the name of Jannes is probably the most interesting guy you will ever meet. They are so intelligent that they are called the next step in human evolution.
Omg a Jannes. I am one lucky motherfucker to have seen one.
by amazingguy123 September 09, 2014
1. An uberly stressed, bald ecomics teacher at the LFC in Elburg.
2. Used as a verb, as in going somewhere, doing things etc.
3. Holland's GREATEST Dutch singer, Jannes - Ga maar Weg.
<Sh1fty> woat doacht je ervannes wimmus?
<Krypton> nou, we wapperen deur.

Verb: mmm we jannessen door
by neK January 16, 2004
The best woman alive.

My sometimes boyfriend when conveniant.

She is an amazing dancer with all the best moves on the dance floor.

She is brilliant as she is in Math Higher Level.

She is beautiful, and she has an amazing way of making people smile!

Although she is extremely tall, she is very fit and great at basketball!!!!

She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
What is a Janne?

Just a girl I know, but she´s hot!
by The Ray April 07, 2010
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