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A beautiful girl who loves laughing, smiling and being adored. She is constantly eating but never gains a pound. She is supermodel tall and has the eyes of an angel. Jannah is always polite and is super sweet. She can be kind of ditsy and will always bring a smile to your face. On the inside she is a huge nerd and it will sometimes show. Along with being incredibly smart she is talented at everything she does. She is pure and angelic and adored by all.
Girl1: Did you see Jannah today?

Girl2: Yeah! I loved her outfit!
Gilr1: She is just too cool!

Boy1: Hey check her out. Thats Jannah right?
Boy2: Oh yeah. I wonder if she'd go for a guy like me?
Boy1: No way dude I called her first.
by Lady Laney August 24, 2011
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the sweetest, most comical and ingenious person you will meet in your life.
inventive and creative, she finds ways of amusing herself by using other people.
she is quite an amusing conversationalist, often finding herself as the centre of attention wherever she goes.
however, she often feels left out because she is not included in baby name books. her name has never been printed en mass on mugs, pencils or stickers.
she is cute and is prone to hugging and kissing random people.
she is not so good at hiding her emotions, as her faces tells all. she's very expressive using gestures, facial expressions and an over exaggerated vocabulary.
she surrounds herself with friends, some of which include the likes of jaymie#3
used most often to describe jannah

jannah's favourite band is
by jannah April 04, 2005
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A nerdy uncool type of girl. The one that will get mad at you if you get a better grade than her on a test. This type of girl can't take a joke and will usually tell the teacher on you if she finds herself being harassed. She will scoff at you if you have lower than a 97% average on a test.
Bill: Hey Jannah, what did you get on your geometry test?
Jannah: 102%... And you?
Bill: 94%
Jannah: Sorry, I don't talk to idiots
by Squidward Tortellini March 08, 2013
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