pronounced "JAH-nah". Armenian word meaning "cute" or "adorable". Usually used as a reaction instead of an adjective, but in casual conversation used as both. Derived from Armenian word "jahn", usually meaning love.
"Did you hear? Chris and Martha are dating."
by goddessdivine November 12, 2012
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Crazy, but really cool friend that is in a humorous way, a little wierd, but in the good way. A person that you want to be friends with. A really nice person at heart, but stands her ground. One of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
Janna is the coolest person ever!
by Jannaaaa July 25, 2008
Crazy, but really cool friend that is in a humorous way, a lil wierd, but it's all good. A person that you want to be as funny as.
My friend Janna has a great sense of humor
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
Super sexy and gorgeous, funny and good in bed definitely smoke shows

Outgoing and lots of fun and has lots of friends but also can be intimidating at times so lots of jealous people, but a very loyal and trustworthy respectful person. Also classy and takes care of herself.
Person 1-That chicks sexyy and classy

Person 2- yah that's janna for ya ;)
by smokin420420 October 17, 2011
She's a fucking boss. Can do the impossible. Can get kinda rowdy, but she is awesome still. She can't handle herself and nobody else can handle her either. Janna is also a state of drunk. If you see Janna coming out in someone (or the actual Janna AKA Jenna) you should say in a very sitcom like voice "iiiiiiiits Janna!" (drums and symbol at the end)
Janna got kicked out of Bourbon last night.

Janna fucked Tom.

Dude Janna... What happened to you last night?
Who used Janna's debit card to buy a pizza?
Is that the girl we saw on the couch outside? Yeah thats Janna.
by The Real Janna June 07, 2011
is a dumb bitch. a slut, a whore and a girl nobody can stand...she also eats a lot of hay from farms
Hey you see that girl janna she is a slutty bitch!
by not a spartan July 05, 2011

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