in some languages also known as "ucha", a creature that lurks the country side often holding a big red book called "dnevnik". This book contains information about children. Ucha likes "prasetina", "drozdina", "krvavica", "crni-lukac-u-pljeskavicu", and is absolutely crazy for apples(tm). It doesent mind sacraficing a virgin sister of a child that it teaches also. Ucha doesent approve Asian people because of their small penises, and the fact they play a lot of WoW.
"Bem te u kurac", "Skidaj te kaljave curule pashche jedno", "idi u shljivik i uberi prut", "deset packi Jovice","sedi jedan"... and many more.Janko.
#ucha #janko #psycho #voodoo #wtf ucha
by In$ Mangup December 13, 2007
Top Definition
One word: -- God --

Also called the almighty, the greatest, the holy, ...
Praise him, make sacrifices, worship him cause he's Janko.
by Newt November 30, 2004
Internet homotron. Gaydar setter-offer.
Janko loves teh mansechs.
#homotron #jenko #dingleberry #jerko #internet poofdah
by HarddriveEater June 08, 2006
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