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Janidhus are really unique people, usually looks similar to some one in the Goblin family, signs to tell if the guy is called Janidhu, look at his face and skin, if its scaly to the point of pus spewing while scratched, that is a Janidhu. Usually a virgin until the day of death or if your a lucky one, possibly around 50 years old - chances are lower than winning lotto but still have some hope

Janidhus are usually unbelievably deluded, sometimes to the point where they think they are godlike at thing that they are horribly useless at. They are pest-like creatures that will eventually eat away at your body and soul until you are just like them. Diet consists of curry, curry and japati's
"hey doesnt that guy look like a goblin" - says bob
"oh haha must be a Janidhu, look away son" - says mother
by Johnson444 June 26, 2010

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