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-A freaking amazing person who knows how to be a great friend.

-Word to describe someone who makes it impossible to meet anyone cooler.
"Wow Janhvi is awesome!"

"That cool person is so janhvi!"
by ucidude March 01, 2009
12 7
A girl who knows how to party. She is gorgeous and can sometimes be a little shy, but once you get to her she is very fun to hang out with. She is trustworthy and loyal and will never spread a secret. She never tells anyone how she feels, but she is very caring. She doesn't care what anyone thinks and is usually very happy.
Guy 1: "that girl knows how to party, she's a real beaut
Guy 2: "what!? Janhvi? She seems like such a numpty!"
Guy 1: "nah man, i thought that too, but she's actually really fun to chill with"
Guy 2: "I should go talk to her then, all the other girls are so fake"
by Oaky97ers September 03, 2012
6 1