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Unpleasant buffoonery.

Slang from Idaho river country
- I spent all yesterday getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

- Jangis, man.
by Dklone1 August 17, 2009
A sexy guy, unique in many ways and talented too.
Some Jangi's are quite and very closed.
Hey, your just like a Jangi!

Hot Sexy Talented
by AyYoooo March 22, 2009
Stuff that gets in small areas or just random shit.
Schuyler: Doood theres a shitload of jangis in my lax scepter.
Zaid: HAH jangis...
by Schuyler-zaid_time December 04, 2010
a weeney, also see dingus
"Timmy, don't forget to shake out your jangi when you're done."
by Moldor October 18, 2004