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It's like a groupie or a girl who really gets around.
Keema: I heard she's been with everyone on the varsity football team.

Laura: I know! She a janga
by Trillyiancehy February 01, 2009
A variation of the game rock paper scissors. Usually used to resolve a conflict or decision. Once jangas is called everyone must play to determine the outcome.

The same basic rules apply eg:
Paper > rock
scissors < rock
Paper < scissors
The group plays that first to three and the person who wins must play bradburys, where they must then vs each player one on one. After a full revolution of the group the winner must then call "no doubles", "triples" etc. If doubles or triples(depending on how many rounds you've gone) is called by another player before the current bradbury's holder another round will progress.

Bradburys rules are a bit different, the current holder only has to beat the oppposing player once while the opposing player must beat the bradburys holder 3 times. The highest number of bradburys is usually determined by the group before jangas is initiated.
Antoine: so umm... Who gets the last cone?
James: ok, Lets go.
Group: 1, 2, 3!
by TheRealPooky January 05, 2011
A game that lets players reenact George W. Bush's Presidency. Keep taking down the foundation until everything falls!
Bush after stock market crash: JANGA!
by Plumber bob November 30, 2009
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