'Jang' is a noun meaning 'testicle' that has many uses and derivatives. When used in the plural ('jangs'), it refers to the balls as a whole, thus including the scrotum.

Its most diverse and most used derivative is it's verb form, 'jangle'. Strictly defined, this means to strike a male in the balls but 'jangle' has seen other uses resultant of its noun form, 'jangler' (see below). Thus, when used with a direct object (generally a name), 'jangle' means to strike said direct object in the balls. However, when used intransitively, it means to act like a jangler (definition two).

'Jangler' is the gerund noun form of 'jangle'. It has two meanings: first, it is more strictly defined as one who strikes males in the balls. Less strictly, however, it can also be used as a label for one who is equally distasteful as a nut-puncher, generally one who is arrogant, deceptive, or foolish.
"My jangs are itchy today."

"Whoa! Did you see how hard Frank just got jangled?"
"Look at Roger jangling around over there."

"Protect your balls; I hear there's a jangler about."
"Jon just told me he can bench more than that body-builder. What a jangler!"
by GBC The Box November 28, 2009
Top Definition
A marijuana cigarette (from: The Big Lebowski)
The Dude: Mind if I do a jang?

hey buddy, you wanna spin up a janger before we hit the dusty trail?

that concert got rall good after that jang bro!
by Tik Tak July 13, 2011
The sweet aftertaste of oral sex on a woman.
The young lads were seekers of jang, and would spare no expense to this end. Twas as noble cause as ever was.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
A racial slur for a Filipino person.
Racist: "I hate those Jangs I hope they don't come to the main island, all they do is export their fucking box eyed. And their coal, it's a really useful source of coal."
by Gatack October 24, 2015
Just A Nice Guy short-video series by WongFu Productions portraying the life of a typical "nice guy" who has feelings for a girl but is "too nice" to tell her how he feels.
I can't tell her I like her. I guess I'm j.a.n.g.

j.a.n.g. = soml
by anon792 January 01, 2011
by RABBITMAN123 January 02, 2016
Smoking dank weed for long periods of time.
My boy tyron is steady jangin on my stash. That boy knows how to jang for sure.
by Steezemasterj November 28, 2011
Someone who does or says something incorrect with overconfidence
He bullshits so confidently...what a fuckin Jang!!!

This guy is a total Jang!!
by neo_trinity June 29, 2013
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