The youngest sibling of the Jackson family - the greatest musical family of all time, with the most number one hits. She started out as an actress, notably in roles such as Penny from 'Good Times', Charleen Dupree in 'Different Strokes' and Cleo Hewit in 'Fame'.

Later, she went on to pursuit a music career. Released two little known albums in the early 80s ('Janet Jackson' and 'Dreamstreet') but didn't break out until her 1986 release, 'Control' whom many people believe it to be her debut album. Since than, she has released numerous successful albums 'Rhythm Nation 1814', 'janet.', 'The Velvet Rope', 'All For You', 'Damita Jo' and the latest '20 Y.O.'

She was cute as hell in the 'Pleasure Principle' music video and has a really nice round ass. That is probably irrelevant, but it needs to be included.

Currently is engaged to producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri] who've she dated since 2001.

And to the old hag he mentioned Janet needed to sell records in the Superbowl performance by having Justin Timberlake rip off her piece of clothing, shut the hell up. That doesn't even make sense. Why and how could she sell albums by that? It wasn't during her song, she hadn't performed new songs, so cut the bullshit.

Speaking of the Superbowl, the half-time show performance of 2004 with Janet as the headliner/main performer, not only fined Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake of approximately 400,000, the rage of the uptight FCC, ban listing of Janet Jackson's music (but not Justin Timberlake's, go figure) and reminder to black people that Justin Timberlake is still white, and didn't stand up for a sista when she was being bashed left and right.

It also shows the hypocrisy of MTV, who will show horny college students licking whip cream off each other's half naked bodies in "Spring Break" but suddenly want to become all conservative and prude because of a 1-second glimpse of a breast. Ironically, Janet Jackson was the first mtcICON show (that is dedicated to legendary artists) in 2001, only 3 years prior to said incident.
Janet Jackson is that bitch! She be handlin' that business, real talk. She is the illest, no female dance oriented artist can touch her. She is the truth.
by floacist June 14, 2007
Some weird girl who made the Panthers curserd by showing her titty during half time at the super bowl.
Janet Jackson+MTV+Justin Timberlake=boobies sticking out during the super bowl
by Jessica February 05, 2004

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