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A person doom to repeat life with the same name and the same personality and his/her personality is kind and shy around cute girls
He is a jandi he will repeat life again and again
by cyrus tendo September 10, 2013
Verb. To shamefully and spasmodically spill, generally food and drink, but can also be applied to spillage of any other substance in a clumsy manner. A spill is only termed a 'Jandi' if the perpetrator is a serial clutz. The culprit may also be called 'A Jandi'. Extreme cases of jandiing of large quantities may also be known as 'A Tim'.
1. "Dude, look at yourself! Did you jandi the whole bottle on your shirt?"
2. "Whoops! I just jandi'd my coffee all over the floor."
3. "Johnny, you clutz, you're such a Jandi."
4. "Whatch out! If you'd jandi'd that whole jug it would have been a right Tim."
by Roger Gabriel November 20, 2010
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