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in the words of Bright Eyes' "Have you ever heard of Jandek before?"
by Edellan December 03, 2003
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Jandek, the oblivious leader of a small internet Soulseek cult. Many people E-gather and raise their hands in the air to hail and worship Jandek their "master". Many people stare to the sky to let their master know their hailige is true. There is no Jesus, there is no God, there is only Jandek and his many, many wise LPs since 1978.
Oh Jandek, oh wise one, hail Jandek my master, we salute you, we hail you, we worship Jandek.
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the leader of a country whose name consists of neither vowels nor consonants
Jandek, of ----------------------------
by Kevin Gilmartin March 25, 2005
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