The most awesome person known to man ! He is so awesome that Chuck Norris is in love with him.
HI. i'm Jånas.

OMG is it finally you ?? i can't believe i finally found you !! :D
by Jånas September 09, 2010
Fire-spitting dragon.
May also stalk you if you don't do what she wants.
Likes to tape-record YOUR life.

Consult your doctor before consuming.
Beware, dizziness is one of the side-effects.
My car was just Jana'ed.

Stop Jana'ing me!

Oh man, you should totally check with your doctor before taking that Jana.
by Not Jana December 14, 2013
An amazing Yemeni with impeccable looks. He/she has it all, the looks, the personality, an unbelievable physique and the mentality. The availability of such a human being is 1:6.6 billion. A very fun person to talk, although he/she can be very annoying and secretive. Also, a person who needs to shower more frequently.
Wooowww, I wake up everyday wanting to be a Jana because i wanna look so good, be good at sports, and be be both wise and smart.
by Kamel7890 June 24, 2011
Jana is ever so happy that she sucks the happiness when around other yet when walking through fields it becomes spring and flowers grow n shit, however she is an epic lameass that has mastered the lameass art.
and Jana said Lolcano
by BrowniesJana August 18, 2011

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