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Someone who's eventually a virgin. He says that they would be with someone but that person would be a man. This person is also a lazy ass f*ck. Which causes him to gain weight. And end up living with there fat ass mom.
Man, i wish Jampiere would stop acting inmature and live his life for ones.

Jampiere is never getting lade.

Did you know Jampiere does excersice, has girls and has a sexy mom? Yeah right! Like THATS EVER GONNA HAPPEN
by pirated1 January 30, 2014
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A very enthusiastic person, with a charming and witty personality. Gets a long with everyone especially the ladies and almost always ends up sleeping with them. A real manly man with a connection to his feminin side which is what makes him so successful with the ladies. Creative, intelligent and critic thinker.
I want to be like Jampiere.
by QeepingItReal January 05, 2015

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