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a thing that is used when someone is being weird you use a jamie when someone is being gay
hey look hes being gay lets use a jamie
by phaith procter December 07, 2010
A greedy, cheeky piece of work who won't share her yoghurt with me, but puts on a nice front in front of everyone else. I bet she'd give you a yoghurt; just not me.
Crooksy: Can I have a mango yoghurt?
Jamie: I want the mango. You can have the blueberry one.
Crooksy: I don't like blueberry yoghurts.
Jamie: I don't care.
by CrooksyfromGlasgow April 12, 2010
A person who is mentally challenged and has a funny hair cut. He is the guy with huge "man cans" and fortunatly for him can pretend to b a chick so he can hav guys hand over his "cans".
< Jamie dressed up in a dress>
Guy: do u want to go in the other room?
Jamie: yeah of course want to touch my...
by Huzzlpuff October 03, 2010
a. An amazing guy who's best friend happens to be a girl who's hopelessly in love with him.

b. Jamie and the aforementioned best friend are going to get married, according to 95% of the high school population.
a. My Lord, she's been in love with Jamie for years!

b. You know Jamie's going to marry her someday.
by xBabyItsFact. May 01, 2009
a out of control, retard. who enjoys singing way to much even tho it is her worst quality. but still loveable in every way :)
god that girl wont shut up ! must be a jamie !
by most awesome. October 14, 2010
1) Has the biggest moobs ever
2) Is as hard as a snowball in a microwave
3) Has major sneezes: he invented swine flu
4) Total sex god
1) Look at the Jamies on that bad-boy
2) Look at that Fittie!
Hes such a Jamie!!
by JamieLover111 July 19, 2010
A person who is very jealous of others. Likes to be the center of attention at all times, and if not, throws temper tantrums and leaves the scene. Likes to pretend to be a caring individual, so watch out, you may not see through the desquise of a Jamie.
Sarah: Did you go to Sams party last night?

Jane: No, why?

Sarah: You should have seen how this girl acted, Sam was so busy trying to entertain his guest and because he didn't give her ALL of his attention she stormed out of the room and then left! She is such a Jamie!
by noturfool February 15, 2010