A guy with a tiny chode who has an allergy to potatoes. Due to his inability to eat any other food he has been malnourished for all of his life. His diet consists of spiders, woodlice and a concoction made out of cheerios and lightbulb fuses. He usually has one if not more mental instabilities at any one time. He enjoys drinking alcohol while staring at the iranian flag. He has a noticeable lack of opposable thumbs.
Josh: That guy is completely off his rocker. Calvin: Yeah he's such a Jamie.
by Muhombre Aligito March 08, 2012
calls himself a 'mad sexy cunt' , has a mullet and stretched ear. rides a scooter. says the word coolios. perve. likes monopoly, lives in warnbro.
"hey whos that kid riding a scooter?"

"must be a jamie."
by shanae1996 October 23, 2011
A beautiful girl. One who is caring and very intelligent. Is very active. She is always a nice person to be around. Tends to super glue her butthole shut
Jamie you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen
by Jamie Briggs February 17, 2014
Jamie is a guy, who seems gay, but you never know if he is or not. He could be bisexual, or maybe even straight but no one really fucking knows. He's the type of person, that owe someone money all the time. He can be a nice sensitive guy, who has really soft hands. He has no life, so he watches stupid youtube videos all day.. He likes to stalk guys on facebook, to look at their abs.
guy 1: hey jamie are you gay?
Jamie: ya never know.


guy 1: whats jamie like?
guy 2: Well...i think he may be gay or bisexual.
by chicken123lover December 01, 2012
Jamie is usually the most awesome person in the room at a time and is usually dashingly handsome and has a nice body. The girls flock to him and he is a loyal follower of The Based God.
Girl 1: Omg, is that Jamie over there?

Girl 2: Yes, he is so sexy I might just pass out.
Guy 1: I think he just turned me gay!
by basedmisfit January 10, 2012
the act of fabricating an event or reason to manipulate others and get your way.
My sister told my mom and dad that I had a house party and got drunk the last time they went out of town. Next time they go out of town, I have to go with them. She pulled a Jamie on my parents.
by NFL NUTT August 06, 2011
Small angry bisexual who tries her best. Very passionate about things and has a lot of emotions.
Jamie: Give Captain America a fucking boyfriend.
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