A beautiful angelic women. As fertile as a horse. You will want to have intercourse with her. Very pleasurable. But she is not to be mistaken for a whore, shes not like your mother. She loves to be loved and the thought of traveling. An instant boner arises when near her very prescense. The kindess and lighthearted banter of a Jamie will only bring you peace and harmony in life and love and sex. Definatly Sex.
Guy1- Dude I can see your Boner!!
Guy2- Yeah I know Jamie just passed.
by Littleslut.aka.semendumpster June 22, 2010
Jamie:a sweet,cute guy who is sensitive and unlike any guy out there. Amazingly unforgettable,one of the sweetest guys u will ever meet. an amazing rapper, always knows what to say to make a girl blush, usually is kinda horny but makes up for it in one way or another.
OMG my boyfriend is such a Jamie!
by brianna <3 February 05, 2010
A bigger sex god than josh
Jamie is a bigger sex god than Josh!
by Jamiewins April 19, 2011
A really sweet person that is extremely caring and always takes the initiative to help. Pays attention to detail, but flexible enough that she doesn't mind when things don't go exactly as planed. Makes people around her feel loved, and goes the extra distant to make people around her feel comfortable. A trustworthy person that you can rely on take do things perfectly when asked.
"Hey have you met Jamie?"
"Yeah, how can you not notice her?"
by jabur October 18, 2013
A cute blonde who is taken but you would still like to go with.
Travis: Jamie will you go to prom with me?
Jamie: ...
by TheGuyNextToYou April 21, 2008
A Jamie is someone who is quickly and easily envied by others because they are a genuinely kind, caring person. Is bluntly forward and does not yeild to other people's intimidations, which pisses them off and causes them to go online and try to harm Jamie by slandering and lying about these Jamies to the world. Jamie is humble but loud and always gets shit on because people would rather be crazed in jealousy than to get off their fat lazy ass to learn to become a better person like the Jamies out in the world. People who hate Jamie are haters who write insults about themselves but try to portray that Jamie is the one who has those issues and problems with prostitution and all that bullshit when they're the ones who struggle with those problems. Which, anyone who knows a Jamie, especially an asian female Jamie, will tell you that she is far from those things. And only the jealous, ugly loser bitches talk shit behind her back, though cowardice to her face, clearly knowing she is not any of those things that they say she is. She was also once a shy little girl at one point in life, who lived such a hard fucking life that broke her but then made her into the most beautiful thing in the world, that even God had to fall in love with Jamie. And just because all the girls desire the one who loves Jamie, they hate on her and shit on her because they know there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can make him stop loving her.
Michael, "That girl is fucking gorgeous, I bet her name is Jamie."

Lorane, "If her name is Jamie, be careful, she's a fucking slut."

Michael, "You're only saying that because I am so in love with Jamie, it's not even funny.. you're just jealous, get over it."
by InlovewithaJamie October 18, 2011
the sweetest most sensitive guy. usually knows how to sail, and do boat work. very sexy and attractive. comes off as manly and amazingly good looking. is outgoing, and a gentleman, but still knows how to horse around. playful and cute when it comes to hanging out with girls. has good taste in music, and a little shy when it comes to sexual things, but still knows how to have a good time. all around a really fun, hot guy.
aww man, i wish i could dump my boyfriend for jamie. he's such an amazing guy.
by iwantjamie June 25, 2010

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