i. The losing of the female virginity.
ii. A person who keeps female hymen(s) on their window ledge.
iii. A person who seeks to take a females virginity.
i. "Hey Winnifred, have you been to see Jamie yet?"
"No, Sally I'm still a virgin!"

ii. "John... what's that in that plastic cup you're holding?"
"It's a hymen Steve. I'm a Jamie!"

iii. "Billy, would you like to come round my house to play on my Nintendo?"
"Sorry Terry, I'm going out on the Jamie!"

by Andrew Blyth May 18, 2008
1. hoe, slut, hooker, prostitute.
2. to flash or moon
"That Jamie is fine, but but but that ones a killa"
-Shake by Ying Yang Twins

I was on the trampoline last night and Jamied every passing car.
by fgsadfaes July 06, 2006
"Jamie is a clone of Regina George."
by Mylene the slut August 24, 2008
really big, fat, ugly, whore, a man stealer of many of her close friends. a jamie is a white bitch who likes to take pictures of her boobies & send it in exchange for mexican dick. a slut!
Cherry: "that gurl is such a jamie. she stole my man like 7 times. that fat bitch!"
Barbra: "yeah, i know. she did the same to every other girl in the school!"
by jamiiiiiiie August 15, 2008
A complete slut who thinks the self is all that matters. She frequently try to contact her ex and messes up his current relationship. Can't think of anything other than money, traveling, flirting with guys every single weekend or getting whatever her friends got.
(Looking at a blonde who never stops touching her hair)
UGH what a Jamie...
by Nerdgirl October 07, 2008
hot girl,blonde,not smart,weird,loves guys with names that start with an n and a major slut
jamie:hey nate wanna do it tonight
nate: i have nothing better to do
by joefredjr May 24, 2008
slut, whore, faggot with no friends ugly teeth bad hair shitty sense of style (unusual for a gay boy) attends a shitty school and many people wish he were dead
jamie Pownall locke
"im gay"
by hot February 03, 2005

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