A sweet girl with a cheery disposition on life, love and friendship. A cute girl.
Frank: That girl seems really nice
Tom: Oh yea she's such a Jamie.

Frank: So was she hot or what?
Tom: Cute smile great body, she was such a Jamie.
by Hice April 21, 2008
The king of stealing, is a fucking criminal mastermind of stealing. Is never caught and is very mischeivious.
'you a complete jamie dude'....'i cant beleive you just pulled a jamie'
by Tim Winters August 10, 2006
The girl you know that is cute, cuddly, and obsessed over fantasies in chick flicks like holding your hand or cuddling. Generally her smile creates a kawaii overload in the kawaii receptors of your brain, weakening the toughest man's emotional defenses into that of a newborn puppy.
Frank: So I heard Jamie likes you. Get your kawaii receptors ready man, you won't last five minutes without the right preparations.
Matt: Thanks dude. *brofist*

by MakeReform March 15, 2009
Probably one of the sweetest, funniest, cutest girls I've ever met.
Wow I cant belive i met this amazing girl name Jamie.
by Jakej75 November 25, 2010
The most amazing girl in the world, alot of people are lucky to know a Jamie. Is very intelligent, but can be a fucking dumbass at times. Her presence among others is very valued by everyone, and people always want to be around her. Is very beautiful inside and out, always good to have around for a good laugh.
Rachel: Bro, last night was good!

Tara: Yeah, that Jamie chicks crack up!
by chuuuurrrrr January 08, 2010
male, a mastermind of rhymes and the written word. Also, Jamies tend to be amazingly sensitive lovers as well as good cooks. All around renaissance men who are comfortable with their abilities and talents, but never conceited or arrogant.
That man is the Jamie I have been looking for all my life.
by Jamielover February 02, 2010
Jamie is actually a very cool guy, all the other diffinitions are wrong. If you want the right definitions see jamie. Some people think that Jamie might become the king of the world.
King Jamie is soo Cool!
by Jamie Canstinopal April 24, 2005
a very loud, fun person. could be conceited because shes a very beautiful person. anyone would kill to meet her. she would probably show everyone this.
i want to meet that one Jamie!
by Amy Casonova July 12, 2009

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