A teen actress who got pregnant at 16 and is ratted on by everyone for using her sister's fame to her own advantage, even though that is basically what business is about... using what you go to get you somewhere besides your parents couch.

She also decided that she would quit her career as an actress to take care of her baby, unlike her sister who just passed the kids off to either their even worse off father or a nanny...
OMG, Jamie Lynn Spears is such a ho! she's only famous cuzza her big sis, Britney! ugh!
by RAW<3 August 30, 2009
Top Definition
Britney's little sister, who proved that she's just as dumb as big sis by getting pregnant at 16 and probably destroying her 'career' in the process.

Further proof (if any were needed) that their mom, Lynn Spears, is a terrible mother.

Previously claimed to be a 'Christian' before becoming a teenage pregnancy statistic.
Jamie Lynn Spears probably pissed off Britney by stealing most of the tabloid coverage after announcing that she was pregnant.
by Eugene206 December 20, 2007
A rich kid snob whos only getting famous because of her older sister. I dont know maybe you've heard of her, Britney Spears? Yeah, and this one says she wants to be "bigger than the first." But uh, would she even be here if it wasn't for the "first?"
Hey look theres Haylie Duff, another Jamie Lynn Spears!
by Nicole August 06, 2004
a little whore, who just used her sister to get famous. FYI: (to jamie)you're still no better than anyone who actually deserves their own tv show, jamie get real.
Exactly ^^ Jamie Lynn Spears is so the new britney. Including fucking everyone from Colin Ferrell to probably George Bush.
by tinkerbelle_619 October 05, 2005
A girl who is trying to be like her big sister, Britney Spears- a whore with big tits and big ass. But JamieLynn won't succeed on it because she's flatter than the wall and has no ass. But the whore part was right.
Jamie Lynn Spears will most likely knock on your door and ask for a dildo.
by Kevin (Britney's Husband) September 24, 2006
The little sister of messed up Brit.
This youngster (16) is PREGNANT, or so she told OK! magazine. The daddie? Her "long time boyfriend" who she "met at church", the problem, in Cali, the age of consent is 17, she is 16, and he is 19, HELLO 18 month Jail sentence.
The only reason this would go to court, other than her parents pressing charges, is BECAUSE it is so public, if a private citizen did the same thing NO one would know, therefor no one would prosecute.

Who knows.

Zoey 101, which will end after next season, will not be effected.
"Ahhh, you got my baby (Jamie Lynn Spears) pregers, IM PRESSING CHARGES!"
by Jessythe fox December 19, 2007
Knocked up Southerner!
Did you hear that Jamie Lynn Spears is preggers?
by asdasdas December 29, 2007
I little snobby preppy bitch brat who got on all that because she paid them and that shes Brittany Spears little sister. Cant even act very well and got a gay little show called zoey 101 on nickelodeon that is believed to be cancelled (hopefully). She even addmitted that she couldnt get on the show with talent on the episode they accepted her. She said, "I have money." and they said, "welcolm to all that!" Its sorta like a paris hilton thing i guess.
Ive said enough above about jamie lynn spears.
by thatguy55 June 22, 2006
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