Also known as "ethnically challeneged," people like this have 2 foot cocks, as well as foreheads that are beyond the norm, becoming "Five-Heads." Tendency to hate white folk, and make fun of any other ethnicity with disregard to his/her own real color.
One example is a Skinny Whiteboy who runs Cross country, others are not as well known, but tend to exhibit good grades and asshole-like personalities.
by RastaKhan December 11, 2004
Top Definition
A person who is bi-racial and mixed with Jamaican and Mexican.
Steph: Yeah, Im Jamaican and Mexican
Brit: So you're a Jamexican!
Steph: GUESS SO!
by Niecy April 26, 2007
Because Jamaicans are known for having multiple jobs and Mexicans are known for working really hard....A Jamexican is a person that has a lot of jobs and works really hard at all of them.
Kelly works 100 hours a week. She's definitely a Jamexican.
by Tsunami Tsunami October 18, 2015
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