to gratify one's self in a lonely, yet dignified manner; and lasting an uneccessary amount of time. This process usually occurs many times in one day, often to soft rock or catchy pop songs.
I don't have a girlfriend, so i spent all last saturday Jamesing; almost to the point of dehydration.
by Boccob April 08, 2011
Top Definition
A group activity which involves showering a person with semen while they sleep, with a particular focus on the target's back and neck leaving them with a crispy neck. A male bonding exercise very popular with squaddies.
Last night Sophie passed out at the party and we gave her a Jamesing
by Bingo46 June 11, 2014
To absolutely do nothing or to be unproductive for more than ten hours a day. This includes but is not limited to: sleeping, gaming, thinking about nothing on the bed, taking up space, and thinking about not Jamesing
"A: What are you doing? You have a final tomorrow?!
B:I'm Jamesing son... Don't bother me I got this shit
A: You sure? you said this last final and you got your ass fucked hard...
B: Good shit good shit"
by TheJameser March 03, 2011
It is when you finger a girl in the club while dancing with her.
Yo bro, I just got done jamesing that bitch, smell
by belmonte_is_king February 18, 2009
1. To James

An action with anything related to metal, bros, happiness, or weed in it. Often accompanied with a props/high five/bro handshake.

2. James

An awesome metalhead who does all of the above daily. Can often be seen in English class headbanging. Sadly will never be as good at guitar as Haydon. See Haydoning.
Ben: Howdy Jacob
Jacob: Yo man... METAL!
Ben: Don't even trying jamesing me man.

James: Yo man... METAL!
James: Haha thanks bro my man (Props) yo I'm so happy right now (Bro hugs), LET'S DO SOME WEEEED! (Highfives).

Haydon: Hey dude did you listen to Bullet for my Valentine yet?
by BenCherry February 21, 2009
A Mixture Of James From Team Rocket And Koffing.
James And Koffing Were Gay Together And Created A Jamesing
by janeeehhh July 18, 2008
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