A wonderful man with heart larger than his head, and he has a huge head
by caldweld08 February 04, 2010
James is a dark haired, fun and happy guy, who's great at having a laugh and flirting. He makes any situation a lot better.
Girl 1 - I love James, I so want to go out with him.
Girl 2 - I don't blame you, he's such a great guy!

~James walks by~

by rollingst0nes October 28, 2011
A fun loving, inherently intelligent guy. He can easily brighten any persons day and everyone who has had the chance to get to know him is better off for it. James is a born leader and will succeed at anything he sets his heart to.

He also has beautiful eyes and a smile that could melt the iciest person's heart.

James is a wonderful, witty, and sexy individual, and any girl who catches his attention should consider herself very very fortunate.
Things were going pretty poorly today, but then James just smiled at me and it turned everything around.
by BarbieBombshell June 11, 2011
Best and most loving brother ever! Protects friends/siblings more than himself. Most loving person ever
My James is the best ever
by Massater December 05, 2011
The most wonderful person you can ever meet. He is cute, smart, funny, and nice. He can cheer you up when you are down, and will always put you in a good mood. He is the most perfect person ever.
James is the most wonderful person
by NoPersonYouKNow January 03, 2012
Usually someone who is a dependent friend who you can always rely on. He is generally crazy and bonkers and makes people laugh with his incredible campiness.
James: Heeeey
Friend: Stop saying hello to everyone
by themanofpower February 02, 2012
The best guy in the world. He is the most amazing, perfect, handsome, charming, lovable, and nicest man on the planet. He is very sweet and will brighten up your day just by smiling. he has very bright and beautiful greenish-blue eyes and kinda darkish blond hair. Hes very funny and he likes to laugh a lot.
oh... my gosh... did u just see that really cute guy?

Yup, he looks like a James.
by 333Lalalalala<3 July 16, 2011

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