Everyone's favorite mountain man, James's usually have large, lumberjack beards (combed exactly 100 strokes every morning) and live almost exclusively in vehicles parked at the edge of a wooded area. A James may be heard saying their common phrases "Dickered", "Caddywhompus", "YOLO", or an occasional "Yee-Yee". When completely hammered, James's act like total ballers and pimp slap anyone who deserves the honor.
Did you see James last night?
Yea! He pimp slapped me in the titty!

Who was that Duck Dynasty looking baller yelling "YOLO!"?
It was James.....he drives an El Camino!
by Detective Bonghits February 28, 2013
a guy who loves his girl more than anything. treats her right. always respects her. has a awesome sex appeal a big dick and gets a girl who is really sex. tall blond hair blue eyes.
by troutman January 13, 2013
A guy who is in love with a girl named Cody.
James: Cody is perfect. I love her so much.
by Jodyyyy c: November 19, 2012
A James is a teen-age boy that is a total douche bag. He flirts with every girl in his high school, even girls that live in different countrys. He lies alot, but is still very cute. You'll get blinded by his sweet lies and amazing smile. Just be warned DO NOT be sucked in to his lies! You'll end up getting hurt
He's such a James.
by Thisbrokengirl March 06, 2012
a guy with a BIG dick
by kkloi December 04, 2009
A man who is amazingly sexy and loves his girlfriend to the smallest bit. If a girl likes a James with Brown or blonde hair then they need to ditch the old for the amazing, beautiful and kind hearted James. A James will love a girl to bits if he has the chance and is put down by not having it. Possibly the funniest, hottest and nicest guy ever. If there's a James, date him
Wow he's amazing, looks like a James
by Bobby mc nob May 12, 2013
Someone named James has a big well endowed penis, I mean length and girth, He's usually proud about that and usually a very attractive male who doesn't give a fuck what others say, and is always a happy and healthy centered person.
Woman 1: That James is soo sexy, I bet he has a huge penis!
Woman 2: You can see his bulge through his pants, Oh my god!!
Woman 3: Mmmm, wish I had that to play with!
by TrojanHanro April 26, 2013

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