The most sexy and gorgeous guy ever. He's got lean muscle and is mega sporty. He has an adorable smile and beautiful blue eyes. His girl friend is bloody lucky. Has a nice ass.
I love you, you are MY James <3
James is HOT HOT HOT!
by Biutchje December 18, 2011
A very tall senior from mount diablo high school, he is a chef and army kid and loves laughing his ass off at all the definitions of his name on this site. He is often referred to as "the Gangsta" or "Chef Gangsta" because he is incredibly G in the kitchen. He matches most definitions on the site that maintain professional appeals... and the last abnormal sentences of course. He enjoys scaring the heck outta people and doesn't talk alot unless he is around people he knows. When he scares people its because he doesn't want to talk to new people, but when new people get past that and get to know him, they often find out he is really cool, and make him their practical big brother. He will tackle cars and take bullets to save a friend's life and is almost always willing to help with what he can manage. Strong, wise and comical easily sum up his character.
"You see James over there?"

"Yeah, i heard he ripped the head off of a grizzly bear, and fed it to Mr.Shaw!"
by James the gangsta chef October 13, 2011
a cute boy that gets alot of girls but only sticks with them for a couple of days. He is short and fun to be around with. Also he a fresh thug and can beat ass so you must watch out
Mary: Damn he cute
Sam: of course he is,its a james
by play me one more July 16, 2011
A boy who treats her girl in a really sweet and romantic way. He is a really caring, thoughtful, nice and anything a girl could ask for. He has a hot body which has six packs or maybe eight and just seeing his smile can lighten up your day. He can give up anything and everything to be with his girl and stay with her forever. He is the cutest and nicest boy you will ever meet and can change your entire life in the best way. He is the one who stands out in the crowd and everything in him attracts all girls.
I want to find a guy who can treat me like he never did to anyone.

Oh, you mean like a James?

by Vames March 09, 2013
Someone who is well hung like a horse and is generally known for their good looks. Plus not to forget they will definitely have a degree in pulling women!
Girl1: "That James lad is hung like a horse apparently!"

Girl2: "Yeah, I've been told he got a degree in pulling women."

Girl1: "That wouldn't surprise me, he such a good looking lad!"
by UserUnknown September 05, 2012
The coolest guy ever, you will know when you have met him by his coolness
that james guy is soo cool
by Mocksterable April 04, 2013
LEGEND. Good at science, useful in many ways. Has many friends.
Girl 1: Have you met James?
Girl 2: Of course I have, he's a Legend!
by ilovepinkpokadots April 02, 2013

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