An amazing boy. a GOD
Man I wish I could have Jame.
by Jame June 26, 2004
A kind-hearted, loving man who makes one happy with his attentiveness and desire to please. Wonderfully handsome and incredibly sexy, he oozes sex appeal. Often brilliant at making love. Fancied by all women that set eyes on him. Sometimes too easily led astray but quick to realise his mistakes and try to make amends. Very intelligent. Sometimes pompous but not overly so. Sensitive. Funny. Brave. Strong. Gorgeous. Loves lists. A brilliant father and someone any lady would be proud to call their husband. Often synonymous with fab.

Oh & He has a huge penis & isn't afraid to share it with others.
Big penis? Its... a James.
by jameslover August 21, 2012
a cute boy that gets alot of girls but only sticks with them for a couple of days. He is short and fun to be around with. Also he a fresh thug and can beat ass so you must watch out
Mary: Damn he cute
Sam: of course he is,its a james
by play me one more July 16, 2011
A boy who treats her girl in a really sweet and romantic way. He is a really caring, thoughtful, nice and anything a girl could ask for. He has a hot body which has six packs or maybe eight and just seeing his smile can lighten up your day. He can give up anything and everything to be with his girl and stay with her forever. He is the cutest and nicest boy you will ever meet and can change your entire life in the best way. He is the one who stands out in the crowd and everything in him attracts all girls.
I want to find a guy who can treat me like he never did to anyone.

Oh, you mean like a James?

by Vames March 09, 2013
Someone who is well hung like a horse and is generally known for their good looks. Plus not to forget they will definitely have a degree in pulling women!
Girl1: "That James lad is hung like a horse apparently!"

Girl2: "Yeah, I've been told he got a degree in pulling women."

Girl1: "That wouldn't surprise me, he such a good looking lad!"
by UserUnknown September 05, 2012
Everyone's favorite mountain man, James's usually have large, lumberjack beards (combed exactly 100 strokes every morning) and live almost exclusively in vehicles parked at the edge of a wooded area. A James may be heard saying their common phrases "Dickered", "Caddywhompus", "YOLO", or an occasional "Yee-Yee". When completely hammered, James's act like total ballers and pimp slap anyone who deserves the honor.
Did you see James last night?
Yea! He pimp slapped me in the titty!

Who was that Duck Dynasty looking baller yelling "YOLO!"?
It was James.....he drives an El Camino!
by Detective Bonghits February 28, 2013
a guy who loves his girl more than anything. treats her right. always respects her. has a awesome sex appeal a big dick and gets a girl who is really sex. tall blond hair blue eyes.
by troutman January 13, 2013

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