A guy who is in love with a girl named Cody.
James: Cody is perfect. I love her so much.
by Jodyyyy c: November 19, 2012
Someone who is well hung like a horse and is generally known for their good looks. Plus not to forget they will definitely have a degree in pulling women!
Girl1: "That James lad is hung like a horse apparently!"

Girl2: "Yeah, I've been told he got a degree in pulling women."

Girl1: "That wouldn't surprise me, he such a good looking lad!"
by UserUnknown September 05, 2012
An Amazing Guy Who's A Total Hottie&Sweetheart I Almost Have To Chase Girls Offa Him.IM So Glad Hes My Boyfriend.Hes Amazing People Like Him For His Hair&Eyes.I Agree But Hes A Total Babe,Nice Body,Cute,Sweet,Charming,Stunning&Amazing.I Love You James<3
James:Hey Beautiful,I Love You So Much Babbyy<3
Me:Awee,Hey Loser&I Love You So Much Too<3
Me:Sure Is<3
by ShadowSpoken97 August 19, 2011
A kind-hearted, loving man who makes one happy with his attentiveness and desire to please. Wonderfully handsome and incredibly sexy, he oozes sex appeal. Often brilliant at making love. Fancied by all women that set eyes on him. Sometimes too easily led astray but quick to realise his mistakes and try to make amends. Very intelligent. Sometimes pompous but not overly so. Sensitive. Funny. Brave. Strong. Gorgeous. Loves lists. A brilliant father and someone any lady would be proud to call their husband. Often synonymous with fab.

Oh & He has a huge penis & isn't afraid to share it with others.
Big penis? Its... a James.
by jameslover August 21, 2012
The coolest guy ever, you will know when you have met him by his coolness
that james guy is soo cool
by Mocksterable April 04, 2013
LEGEND. Good at science, useful in many ways. Has many friends.
Girl 1: Have you met James?
Girl 2: Of course I have, he's a Legend!
by ilovepinkpokadots April 02, 2013
A complete lad. He has the biggest dong imaginable and all of the bitches want to shag him. It's a shame that his massive cock is way too big for their pussys
Woah that badman shagging eight bitches is so sick . He must be a James
by Main man 90210 March 18, 2013

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