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a guy with a BIG dick
by kkloi December 04, 2009
A very stacked ginger. Surprisingly overweight but the girls still love him. Over uses the word nigga. Loves Mexican food so much that he'll die without it. Everyone wishes they were James.
Man I saw that sexy fat James kid at the Mexican restaurant
by JimmyJimJames August 20, 2013
A guy who is always striving to be with the most beautiful girl in the world named Megan. He is also madly in love with her
Person 1: I heard Megan has a guy who loves her
Person 2: Yeah, it's definitely a James.
by A guy in love September 16, 2012
The best friend you can have. He has a giant cock and is a great musician.
My friend James.
by ksdjfhakdjhfl October 07, 2011
an awesome guy in high school who is a beast at borderlands.
kid one: you know that badass level 50 borderlands player

kid two: his name must be james
by 09829364746 June 17, 2013
A man who is amazingly sexy and loves his girlfriend to the smallest bit. If a girl likes a James with Brown or blonde hair then they need to ditch the old for the amazing, beautiful and kind hearted James. A James will love a girl to bits if he has the chance and is put down by not having it. Possibly the funniest, hottest and nicest guy ever. If there's a James, date him
Wow he's amazing, looks like a James
by Bobby mc nob May 12, 2013
Someone named James has a big well endowed penis, I mean length and girth, He's usually proud about that and usually a very attractive male who doesn't give a fuck what others say, and is always a happy and healthy centered person.
Woman 1: That James is soo sexy, I bet he has a huge penis!
Woman 2: You can see his bulge through his pants, Oh my god!!
Woman 3: Mmmm, wish I had that to play with!
by TrojanHanro April 26, 2013