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An ape by defintion a complusive order and drive to play all things that are xbox related, finds contact with women an awkward and difficult experiance usually with long gaps without sexual intercourse, due to this lack he results to "releasing the whales" aka "Spanking the Monkey" or "Cleaning the pipes" he can be found doing this up to 9 times a day. usually to the familiar sound of Jenna Black being traffic lighted.

James often uses tears as lube for this obesession of his, Social situations can be awkward for this creature, which usually results in sleeping with your best friends...... this can prove to be difficult.

His mateing call is that of obscure dance moves that come in all sizes shapes and forms, you are likely to see somthing similar if you gave a dyslexic ape with a tick extassy,
there is nothing that can compare with this ..... James Vincent Lever
by welshie2022 January 14, 2011
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