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A japanese-wanged fruitcake who is so full of himself, he can hardly see the way out of the dark, deep passage of his rectum.

He counts his friends every morning, and ends up with a negative number.

He spends his days masturbating to anime porn, (hentai), trying to convince himself he has friends, and with the help of NASA satellites, he attempts to find his penis.

In the end, the only person who's impressed by his utter stupidity and arrogance is either Eimi, or himself.

And the only one who laughs at his jokes is him.
"James took his mom to the prom."

"OMG GUYZ LOOK I SHOT SOME1 WITH MY GUN!!!!!!!!!111111Shift+1 Shift+1!!!"


"Look mommy! I created my own army out of popsicle sticks!"
by Tomer May 24, 2004
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