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A situation in which a person will say or dosomething not meant to be heard/seen by others. However, during said moment, a person not meant to have heard/seen (i.e. a teacher or someone of authority) will notice the action, usually by being within close proximity

Stupid Person's Definition:
A person says or does something stupid by a teacher
Hey, Courtney, did you see what happened the other day? I took this rancid nasty jizzed-up condom and slapped Zack in the eye with it!

*ahem* ...teacher...

Oh, darn! *slaps knee* I just had a bona-fide James Moment!
by xYamakunx May 04, 2009
A moment of pure and hilarious stupidity.
"Oh my God that was such a James Moment"
by Awesome794325 October 02, 2011
a moment where someone says something sexual, or not made for someone elses ears.
Ex.a principal, sneaking up on a friend talking about a blowjob. Therefore youve had a james moment. but only if they give you a strange look
by Zuka-chan07 May 02, 2009
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