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A high school in Duncan, SC. Byrnes is famous for their football team, and most people at Byrnes are carzy about them. Rednecks are abundant. Some teachers are amazing while others (aka coaches) just suck. Pretty much the average run of the mill school.
Hmmm, look at all the rednecks...we must be at James F. Byrnes High School
by RayJay EsDay June 28, 2011
A high school in South Carolina named after, of course, James F. Byrnes. A pretty good sized good with an amaizing football team and marching band. Basically your normal everyday high school with fighting, drama, cliques, laughing, stressfulness. The usual.
She is so average. She must of attended James F. Byrnes High School.
by Marla Jay May 18, 2011
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