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A female R&B singer from Birmingham, England. Currently dating Darren Byfield. Jamelia has 2 children. Jamelia has had mild success throughout the United Kingdom. Her highest single to chart, is 'Thank you', charting at #2 on the UK charts. Jamelia's lastest album 'Walk With Me' has faired poorly and rumours have it Jamelia could be dropped from her label, Parlophone. This was due to EMI's poor publicity for 'Walk With Me' and the released singles.
Often named ' Britains answer to Beyonce ' Jamelia has been praised by acts like George Michael for her amazing talent.
Bryan - Hmm I'm bored.. any good songs ?
Jane - Yeah how about Jamelia - 'Something about you'
by ceeohenn April 10, 2007
Some idiot singer who steals music from good songs, adds shit new lyrics, then attempts to pass them off as entirely her own work.
So far Jamelia has ripped off Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode and Golden Brown by The Stranglers. But I doubt she'll stop there, unfortunately.
by Lemonz. March 21, 2007
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