An arabic (not the muslim definition) word used to describe uttery beauty. Jameela isnt only to reffer to one with physical beauty but beauty that cannot be matched. The moon light shines and reflects her natural beauty but that only occurs once a month, Jameela is the type of beauty that can't do no wrong and that person is utterly beautiful inside out.
Yo bro look, shes shines so bright.

Ya man I agree she's totally Jameela.
by Swaymrn May 15, 2013
Top Definition
The best mate a person could ever have. A beautiful and intelligent girl who is always there when she is needed and is loyal, trust worthy, FUNNY, sexy, happy and just a generally great person. Everyone should have there own Jameela but there is only one true Jameela and SHE'S MINE.
"Jameela rocks my world!"

"Jameela is beter than mayonnaise"

"I love Jameela"

"Jameela is better than you"
by Miss Fantabulous March 03, 2004
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