a fun ambulance .

(often blasting rockin' jams).
I almost died in that jambulance, but it was really fun.

Yeah..I know..
by pseudonymguy July 22, 2010
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Similar to an ambulance, but instead of saving human victims it saves jam victims. A vital public service in the world of Narnia.
He's been jammed, call the jambulance asap!
by pandabear999 December 31, 2012
A tall, skinny, small dick nigga. Often finds himself on a stretcher, throwing up, while still drinking red bull vodka doubles. He, himself, has redefined the term jambulance as an event in which Jay-Ambulance Bhula drinks to the point of alcohol poisoning.
"Bhulas a fucking jambulance hoe ass nigga"
"I remember when I ended up in the jambulance once... I love Athens" -Bhula
by K1 2 da Peezy May 18, 2014

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