a fun ambulance .

(often blasting rockin' jams).
I almost died in that jambulance, but it was really fun.

Yeah..I know..
by pseudonymguy July 22, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to an ambulance, but instead of saving human victims it saves jam victims. A vital public service in the world of Narnia.
He's been jammed, call the jambulance asap!
by pandabear999 December 31, 2012
A tall, skinny, small dick nigga. Often finds himself on a stretcher, throwing up, while still drinking red bull vodka doubles. He, himself, has redefined the term jambulance as an event in which Jay-Ambulance Bhula drinks to the point of alcohol poisoning.
"Bhulas a fucking jambulance hoe ass nigga"
"I remember when I ended up in the jambulance once... I love Athens" -Bhula
by K1 2 da Peezy May 18, 2014
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