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Man who likes ham and will do anything to fill his face with it- typically seen lurking around pig farms and supermarket back alleys looking for any scraps.
Did you see Marshall last night- he was so busy being a jambon that he didn't notice all loose women trying play with his earthworm.
by Max Meadway August 06, 2007
The french word for Ham
Person 1: Qu'est ce que tu veux?
Person 2: J'ai voudrais le jambon avec le fromage.

Person 1: What do you want?
Person2: I want ham and cheese...
by get it right 101 July 05, 2006
To appropriate random objects or ideas and mash together in an 'artistic' manner.
Person 1: "hey guys, i've got a chair."
Person 2: "cool, i've got a potato peeler."
Person 1: "amazing, let's Jambon."
(after a brief period of 'artistic' action)
Person 1: "wow, that potato peeler looks awesome on top of that chair."
Person 2: "I know, it's such a Jambon!"
Person 1: "Let's Jambon again some time.. Next time lets use some expandable foam."
by angeferguson March 18, 2011
Limp, cowardly or particularly lame individual. A non-homophobic substitute for “gay.”
He told the teacher I cheated on my homework to try impress her. What a jambon.

He is such a jambon.
by greendown September 21, 2010
Fat girl in a miniskirt and no tights! (Legs)
Look at the jambons on that
by Countess January 16, 2004
Prononuced Jam-bon
Expresion of enjoyment or aggrement.
1:How did you like the film.
2:it was jambon
by Simon Kelly (8) July 15, 2006
word with many meanings such as hello, good bye, yes or no (depends on tone)
you: oh not much


ME: you go to the detah from above concert??
you: jambon
me thats cool
by kyle April 05, 2005