A word replacing shit in adjective form to express something bad ass or hype
John: Did you see the Pioneer Drumline playing the other day?
Steve: oh yeah, that Jamba juice was hot son
#hype #bad ass #sweet #pioneer bass line #shit
by AAPS Drumline August 13, 2007
A smoothie made by the Jamba Juice fast food restaurant chain, typically made with an ice cream substitute, sugared fruit juice or sugared soy milk, and fruit. Tasty, but usually not healthy.
"Let's go get a jamba juice."
#smoothie #jamba #fast food #snack #tasty
by USnip April 13, 2007
an extreamely tasty smoothie made with all natural fruits and sold at stores called Jamba Juice. The smoothies come in a variety of different flavors and you can also add boosts in your smoothie. Some of these boosts are vitaboosts, energyboosts, and imunityboosts.
I'm in the mood for something jambaish and juicy and i'm a fruithead so i like fruit. i know, let's get Jamba Juice
by spicytaquito July 03, 2005
An overrated smoothie shop, which makes smoothies that taste like liquefied flavored sugar.
Jamba Juice has nothing on Smoothie King.
#jamba #smoothie #crap #yuck #ew
by Nin10dude August 05, 2008
A refreshingly tasty place where all sorts of tropical to native fruits are blended to create the best tasting smoothies and shakes. Jamba Juice dates back in the 1960's when a man tried blending an assortment of fruits. During the process, he cut himself and yelled 'Jamba!'. But when customers tasted his new creation, it become a legend, known as Jamba Juice!

WARNING: Drinks may be so good that you will glup them down in minutes, but watch out for brain-freeze!
Jamba Juice is tasty!
Jamba Juice has many varieties!
by Sact and Alex July 11, 2004
all natural fruit smoothies. good stuff.
let's go get some fuckin jamba juice.
by riloh February 27, 2003
Alcoholic beverages of any kind, that get you right lit. Typically mixed drinks. Can also be an all natural smoothie.

2. Smoothies from the Jamba Juice shop, they are all natural and sinfully sweet.
1. Nina: Did you see that giant glass of Jamba Juice that tiny blonde had?

Ki-Ki: No! Where do we get one?

Nina: The bartender said they are a buy one get one free right now, and they are 15% alcohol volume per glass!

Ki-Ki: I'll take four!!!!

2. Jess: Damn these are good, I might get diabetes from how sweet they are but at least Jamba Juice smoothies are all natural.
by Saline_Ritual May 18, 2016
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