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An alternative way of saying "dyawannuuu?".

NOTE: Although the translation of "dyawannuuu?" and, thus, "jamallow" would presumably be: "do you want to?", both words are actually the REPLIES to a proposal rather than a proposal itself.
So, "dyawannuuu" actually means "I would indeed like to participate in this action which you have just suggested, would you/everyone else?".

"Jamallow" is NOT to be mistaken for a cool word, as anyone with a single morsel of self-respect would not use it.
The word was not even intelligently thought up by its 'founder' but was taken from the name of a brand of marshmallows, seen in a supermarket which cannot be named for advertising reasons.
Often follows a prolonged sigh of the word "MATE".
Lewis: Fancy a game of Ultimate Frisbee?
Rae: Mate, jamallow?
by Wren23 August 18, 2010
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