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This is when You have anel sex with a woman or a man at the top of a stair case and when u are about to ejaulate u take their knees out and ride them down the steps like a bobsled
Man I was banging my girl hard in the ass last night and as a joke i gave he an olympic size jamaican bob sled
by Draven X September 03, 2006
88 44
Riding a black woman down a flight of stairs.
She wanted some more crack, so she let do a jamaican bobsled on her for it.
by Alkl April 11, 2006
56 26
Step 1: Take a huge shit.
Step 2: Find a nice big long piece.
Step 3: Place shit in freezer.
Step 4: Wait until frozen.
Step 5: Use as a dildo on your lady friend.
Renee was using her toys the other night, when one of them broke. Doesn't matter. We can still make a Jamaican Bobsled.
by leeden82 December 06, 2010
15 14
When a black male titty-fucks a white female
"I heard Jamal gave Ashley the Jamaican Bobsled last night"
by thephiz4$hiz February 16, 2014
0 1
When a person defecates on the chest of a large breasted woman and it slides down through her breasts toward her stomach.
"Last night my Jamaican Bobsled was clocked traveling at 30 mph."
by csimi February 07, 2009
13 14
Where one person sits on the front of a skateboard and the other one stands on the back and pushes. Used to travel places when only one skateboard is available.
Joey and I didn't have a ride to the party last night so we Jamaican bobsledded there.
by Michael 34S April 10, 2011
10 12
Where four black guys get in a bathtub and have sex with a female.
It was crazy I walked in the bathroom and there was a jamaican bobsled going on.
by Hopkins and Cruz December 29, 2009
8 10